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DigiSpoke + Asana

DigiSpoke displays Asana tasks in a mind map, allowing you to visualize team workflow, forecast outcomes, and predict progress.

Connect DigiSpoke with Asana

  1. Sign up for DigiSpoke
  2. Enable your Asana integration in Account Settings

Learn More & Get Support

  • What is DigiSpoke? Workflow planning becomes a snap when you can arrange tasks and their dependencies. Simple or complex, now you can see the big picture of all your work. As your team makes progress, DigiSpoke predicts the status of your projects, updating Asana with the latest information. Each team member’s task list is kept up to date, weeks in advance, so everyone knows how busy they’ll be.
  • Where can I get support? This integration is supported by DigiSpoke. Visit DigiSpoke Support.

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