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Expiration ReminderAsana Integration

Expiration Reminder + Asana

Expiration Reminder is the easiest way to remind your employees and customers that expiration dates on contracts, licences, employee certifications and more are approaching.

What is Expiration Reminder?

Expiration Reminder tracks expiration dates on important documents (like contracts) and automatically creates a task in Asana when items are about to expire.

Why would you use Expiration Reminder?

Stop using complicated spreadsheets to track expiration dates, and avoid those costly past-due fees! Manage renewals for all your important docs (contracts, permits, licences, etc.) in one place with our app. Then, sync with Asana to send notifications and automatically create tasks reminding you to review and renew before your expiration date.

How to integrate Expiration Reminder with Asana

  1. Sign up for a trial or paid Expiration Reminder account on our site.
  2. Sign into your Asana account.
  3. Follow instructions to link your Asana account to your Expiration Reminder account.

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