How great teams
get things done

Move out of email, and into Asana.

Photo: Teammates using Asana at Rdio, a music subscription service that is reinventing the way people discover and listen to music.

Send tasks, not emails

Conversations are kept with your work, so you’ll spend less time in email, and more time getting things done.

Stay on the same page

Easily create, assign, and comment on tasks, so you always know what's getting done and who's doing it.

Get updates without asking

Never read a status email again; Asana Inbox makes it simple to stay on top of the details that matter to you.

Less work about work

When your team's ideas, plans, files, and conversations are in one place, you’ll always know where to find the information you need.

Your place for teamwork

Asana is flexible enough for your team’s unique work and communication.

Every task, every team

Whether you’re on the business, operations, design, or engineering team, Asana will become your trusted source for teamwork.

Know who’s responsible

To make sure work gets done assign each task to one owner, and add followers to keep other teammates involved.

Connect with your team

See your teammates' tasks and priorities, so you can cut down on meetings, status reports, and emails.

Achieve greater goals

Asana provides the accountability your team needs to move forward and do your best work.

Hit your milestones

Use due dates, project Sections, and Search Views to find out what's important, what's next, and what's falling behind.

Visualize goals

Plan for the future - and keep track of the details - by creating custom views and Calendars from your team’s tasks.

Stay focused

Know what you need to get done each day by prioritizing your My Tasks list and increasing your concentration with Focus Mode.