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Against the speed, complexity, and scope of our modern work, email is no longer up to the task. Figuring out what needs to get done, getting on the same page, and finding the right information in email is inefficient.

Asana has re-imagined team communication from the ground up. Conversations and tasks are in one place, so everything is actionable and transparent. When less of your time is spent in email, you’ll have more time to get work done.

Asana is available everywhere you work--on the web, iOS, and Android.  

Stop working out of email - get into Asana


Create tasks for work you plan to do or need a teammate to do, instead of sending an email.


Organize your tasks into shared projects for your initiatives, meetings & lists.


Keep conversations with tasks, instead of scattered across email.


Never read a status email again; get automatic updates about tasks that matter to you.

Your team's work in one place


Add files from Dropbox, Box & Google Drive to your work.


Work from anywhere. Available on iOS & Android.  

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Plan your day & communicate priorities.

Due Dates

Set task due dates so work gets done on time.


Visualize your team’s goals & milestones.


High-level views of the projects you care about.