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Project management

Track work from start to finish, so every team stays in sync and on schedule to hit their goals.

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Increase visibility

Stay in sync on work with a single shared hub

Keep teams accountable by organizing projects and tasks in one place. Give everyone visibility into the work they need to do and the steps to get there.

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Get it done with these features

Deliver on your most important work, no matter how many teams or steps are involved. From project planning to prioritizing day-to-day tasks, we’ve got you covered.

A set of connected Asana tasks showing how Asana AI creates a campaign workflow that includes triaging new requests, assigning tasks based on role, and reporting against goal progress
Asana AI

Amplify your impact with AI

Work smarter and faster with a suite of AI teammates that maximize efficiency at every level–and adapt over time to support your evolving needs.

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Connect your tools

Asana integrates with 270+ apps, so you can stay in sync, even when teams use different tools.

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When you’re moving this fast as an organization, it’s important to be on the same page and have a centralized tool to hold people accountable.

Marc Seitz

Senior Security Program Manager, Threat and Vulnerability Management at Zoom

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Asana lets us bring project management to the entire organization without the need for much education, because the platform is so easy to use. Junior specialists work perfectly in Asana, and executives do the same.

Aleksandra Sulimko

Chief Human Resources Officer, TheSoul Publishing

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Nucleus Research: Cut project time in half with Asana

In this independent study, learn how Asana can reduce the time it takes to complete a project by 50%, minimize project errors by up to 90%, and more.

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Go deeper

Project and task management is just the start. See what else you can do with Asana.

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Goals and reporting

Connect daily work to company-wide objectives, and track progress in real time.

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Resource management

Know what your team is working on and quickly shift resources to your most important priorities.

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Workflow automation

Build streamlined processes with a few clicks, and save your team hours.

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Admin and security

Scale with confidence and keep your company’s work safe.

One record, across teams

Work doesn’t have to feel scattered. Get everyone on the same page with Asana.

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