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Why Asana?

Asana increases productivity and customer satisfaction, according to IDC.¹

[Teams] 54% Marketing (stat)

faster to complete business processes

[Teams] 57% Marketing (stat)

more projects delivered on time

[Team]14% IT (stat)

higher client/customer satisfaction

Speed up time to “closed won”

Track client accounts, coordinate with distributed teams, and manage your pipeline in a single platform.

[Teams] Sales - Set goals that matter
Set goals that matter

Connect individual sales goals to high-level objectives, like total pipeline generation, win rates, and revenue. And if your priorities change, seamlessly shift targets to match.

Set and achieve goals
[Teams] Sales - Keep initiatives on track
Keep initiatives on track

Monitor the status of sales goals, track targets, and get real-time insights, all in one place.

Track key insights
Improve sales productivity

Automate repetitive tasks like sales handoffs, so work moves seamlessly from one team to another—and your team never misses a beat.

Build your workflow
[Teams] Sales - Build and grow pipeline
Build and grow pipeline

Use custom fields and multiple views to keep track of important pipeline information like the assigned account executive, deal size and status, and estimated close date.

Track pipeline progress
[Teams] Sales - Connect tools in one platform
Connect tools in one platform

Collaborate with distributed teams and centralize information using integrations like Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Outlook.

Connect your favorite tools
[Teams] Sales - Build relationships—and revenue

Build relationships—and revenue

Monitor the real-time health of accounts, track and respond to client feedback, and coordinate activities across client-facing teams, so you can expand once you land.

Sales training made easy

Speed up your onboarding process and train teams more effectively so they can start selling and deliver on business goals.

[Team] Sales - Standardize your onboarding processes
Standardize your onboarding processes

Shorten the ramp-up time for sales reps by automating the new hire process and standardizing performance tracking materials.

[Team] Sales - Deliver impactful training
Deliver impactful training

Set your sales team up for success from the start with useful tools and training programs—all in a single platform.

[Team] Sales - Manage sales enablement
Manage sales enablement

Link training tools, send guidance, keep sales teams aligned when priorities shift.

We want to go deep with our clients while maintaining a unified, consistent approach. Asana helps us do that. We connect it to Zendesk, Zoom, Slack, and our own platform, making Asana the source of truth we can count on to get stuff done and bring us together across teams.

Kevin Weiss

VP of Client Success, Retail Media, Skai

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The way we use Asana is intended to give everyone the same visibility into every partner. If we sign a company and a year down the road there’s a problem, the furniture buyer can go into Asana and see the history of that partnership. They can see the date they signed, when they went live, their sales contracts, any discussions. When the buyers go to those markets, they have a single source of truth in Asana.

Leslie Killinger

Business Development Manager, Overstock

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With Asana, we know at any time where things stand with each client so we can mitigate issues proactively. This has helped us extend the lifetime value of our customers, which delivers significant incremental value to us.

Eric Page

Co-founder and Partner, Stride

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Your favorite sales tools in one place

Sales teams need multiple tools to track leads, manage accounts, build relationships, and deliver customer support. Asana integrates with 260+ integrations to help you see all of your work in one place.

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Recognized as a leader by experts

Recognized as a leader by experts

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