Track and nurture sales with Asana

And never let work fall through the cracks.

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Need a better way to stay on top of accounts?

With a work management tool like Asana, you can track accounts, organize meetings, and move leads through your sales funnel—all in one place.

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With Asana, sales teams can…

See who’s doing what by when

Track prospects and customers in Asana projects, see their status, and know who’s responsible for every task.

Collaborate on work

Coordinate and manage your team’s work for everything from onboarding and managing clients to setting up your annual goals.

Turn ideas into action

House meeting agendas in Asana so you know what to discuss, and end meetings with clear action items.

meeting agendas

Keep your sales meetings on track and make sure everyone walks in knowing what to discuss and walks out knowing next steps.

team and company goals

Connect work to goals and milestones in one place so everyone know what work is most important to hit revenue targets and can see how it all ladders up.

sales operations requests

Centralize all sales operations requests, standardize your fulfillment process, prioritize and assign work—all in one place—to help your sales team hit their quotas.

sales pipelines

Track your prospects and customers, see their account status, and know who is working each deal so you can grow and close sales opportunities.

new account onboarding

Coordinate and manage onboarding new accounts in one place so nothing slips through the cracks and clients are set up for success.