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Post-sales handoff template

Give your customers the great experience they deserve by planning smoother post-sales handoffs with our template.

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[Old product ui] Post-sales handoff template in Asana, spreadsheet-style project view (List)

You just landed a new customer! But if the handoff from sales to a customer success or service team is unclear or slow, customers might think they made a mistake. Instead, give your customers the attention they need without doubling your efforts. Start with our post-sales handoff template to automate work, create transparency, and map out clear responsibilities. Your team and customers will thank you.

Tips for better post-sales handoffs with our template

  • Create seamless handoffs between tools and teams. By connecting Salesforce and Asana, you can automatically kick off project creation when an opportunity moves to closed-won and get the ball rolling.

  • Make responsibilities clear with assigned tasks. Assign tasks with due dates so it's clear who's tackling what and when it will be finished.

  • Follow best practices by saving your own templates. Long checklists in docs or spreadsheets get outdated and are hard to follow. Save your own custom handoff template to make sure no steps get missed.

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