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Asana makes it easier to deliver on your company-wide strategies, even when priorities shift.

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Why Asana?

It’s no wonder more than 85% of Fortune 100 companies use Asana.* According to IDC, Asana makes it easier and faster for teams to focus and deliver on high-impact work.¹

[Teams] 54% Marketing (stat)

faster to complete business processes

[Teams] 41% Marketing (stat)

more projects delivered on time

[Team] 72% Marketing (stat)

improvement in employee satisfaction

Focus on outcomes, not outputs

Align work with top priorities, break down collaboration barriers, and easily track and report on results.

Standardize and scale best practices

Connect teams and create repeatable processes that cut down on busywork and drive real business impact.

Coordinate work across teams
Quickly adapt to shifting business priorities

Create and update company-wide objectives based on changing needs.

Align teams behind goals
Centralize complex work

Collaborate across teams on critical, cross-functional projects, all in one place.

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[Teams] Leaders - Deliver on your company’s strategy
Deliver on your company’s strategy

Hit business targets by tracking the status of high-impact goals, spotting blockers before they happen, and quickly pivoting when you need to.

Execute your top priorities
[Teams] Leaders - Align resources to important initiatives
Align resources to important initiatives

Understand what each team is working on at a glance and easily reallocate resources as priorities change.

Keep a pulse on workload
[Teams] Leaders - Predictable security for unpredictable security concerns

Predictable security for unpredictable security concerns

Keep your data safe with advanced security features like in-product admin controls, two-factor authentication and SSO options, and integrations that simplify industry compliance.

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Connect people to purpose

Quickly align teams on priorities and show them how their work connects to company goals.

[Teams] Leaders - Create clarity
Create clarity

Set clear goals and easily illustrate how individual work levels up to organizational priorities.

[Teams] Leaders - Inspire action
Inspire action

Help teams understand the value of their work and focus on projects that map to company strategy.

[Teams] Leaders - Deliver results
Deliver results

Track your objectives in real time, keep teams on track, and deliver on important outcomes.

Our team is able to complete creative projects a lot more quickly because they get the information they need faster. That’s a big gain for everyone. There’s less frustration and outside communication, which adds up and slows down the work day.

–Jessie Geisen

Brand Marketing Manager, Benefit Cosmetics

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Asana supports transparency and responsibility—everything we value in our culture. It helps us move faster, think bigger, and experiment with new ideas.

–Alexey Baranov

CIO, The Soul Publishing

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With Asana, people aren't as lost anymore. They don’t need to ask, ‘Is this happening on Tuesday?’ If plans change quickly, the team is aware and it’s clearly documented. You don't have to wait until a meeting, a chat. You see everything in one place.

—Thea Skaff

Lead Operations Program Manager, Wikimedia Foundation

Asana has the ability to scale with us, and we like the flexibility it brings. We have more freedom to work outside the box because it supports us in that way.

—Steven Tai

Director, Marketing Operations, Gannett

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Your favorite tools, together

Asana’s 260+ integrations let teams work from a single platform, cutting down on context switching and boosting productivity.

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Recognized as a leader by experts

Recognized as a leader by experts

Frequently asked questions

Can I get started with Asana for free?

Try Asana for free for 30 days, no credit card required. Get started with a free Business trial, then follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

There’s a reason 80% of Fortune 100 companies use Asana.* Asana’s features are designed to improve company agility and visibility, so teams can focus on the strategic work that matters. Asana makes it easier for companies to innovate and grow by allowing organizations to quickly adapt to changing priorities and improve cross-team clarity and collaboration. Plus, our advanced security features protect your work data at scale and help you meet compliance standards.

Asana’s features make it easier for teams across the organization to collaborate and focus on high-impact work. Here are a few features your enterprise can take advantage of: 

  • Goals: Improve cross-team clarity and align teams on high-level company strategy by connecting individual work to organizational goals.

  • Workflow builder: Improve the quality of work between teams—and the speed at which work happens—by building better processes.

  • Universal reporting: Keep important business initiatives on track, make data-backed decisions, and pivot in real time. 

  • Integrations: Keep all your work connected with more than 200 business-critical integrations.

Integrating Asana to your organization’s tools lets you simplify cross-team collaboration. Below is just a sampling of the 200+ apps Asana connects with:

  • Communication apps like Microsoft Teams, Gmail, Slack, and Outlook let your teams turn messages into actionable tasks.  

  • File-sharing apps like Dropbox and Google Workspace make it easy for teams to keep track of important documents and keep work connected.

  • IT and security apps like Okta and Azure Active Directory reduce security and access concerns with features like single sign-on. Plus, apps like Exterro, DataGrail, and OneTrust help keep your work data secure and simplify compliance. 

  • Reporting integrations like Power BI and Tableau bring data to life and help you make better business decisions.  

Want more? You can also develop custom solutions for your team with Asana’s APIs.

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