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Okta + Asana

Eliminate username and password hassles and streamline user setup with Okta.

Install Okta for Asana
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Install Okta for Asana

What is Okta?

Okta is an identity platform used to secure every identity, from customers to workforces with single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, lifecycle management, and more.

Why Okta + Asana?

Managing users and provisioning them manually can take valuable time away from IT teams and leaders. The Okta + Asana system for cross-domain identity management (SCIM) integration automates this work, so IT teams can operate at scale and streamline their workflows.

With Okta + Asana, you can:

  • Provision and deprovision users automatically
  • Enable single-sign-on for Asana using SAML
  • Map users and groups in Okta to teams in Asana
  • Update user profile information
  • Import users and teams from Asana to Okta

How to connect Okta + Asana

Here’s how to set up the integration:

  1. Login to a Super Admin account within Asana.
  2. Navigate to the Admin Console menu.
  3. Click “Add service account”.
  4. Adding a Service Account will generate an API key that you can use under the “Provisioning” tab of the Asana app within Okta.
  5. Enter the token into the “API Token” field.
  6. Click “Test API Credentials” to verify that the token is set up correctly.
  7. For more details, please refer to the Asana Help Center.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Okta + Asana integration, visit the Asana Help Center.

If you have questions, feedback, or need support, contact the Asana support team.

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