Asana’s mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly. Our approach is to build software that makes group communication and coordination effortless, giving teams of like-minded people the tools they need to accomplish dramatically more ambitious goals.

Human potential is infinite. Come help us unlock it.

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Doing Great Things

At Asana, improving the world is an end in itself. We are here because we think that creating technology to expand human potential is the best way to achieve that end. While we do strive to build a tremendously successful business, we do not see financial returns as the goal, but merely the reward.

We work hard because our work is a source of meaning, a product of love, something we do because we feel it has a positive impact on the world. We don’t know if we will achieve our goals, but to do great things, we must attempt great things.

Have you found the intersection of your passion and the potential for world-shaping positive impact?

Who We Are

  • Jerry Sparks
  • Jack Heart
  • Stephanie Hornung
  • Jackie Bavaro
  • David Braginsky

I’ve appreciated the opportunity to learn about so many aspects of the company from product to engineering to even culinary; especially since I work in Customer Support!

Asana calls equally on my capacities to love, to imagine, and to manifest. A heart-filled thanks to everyone here for nurturing my self-actualization. Except Mr. Office Killer Robot. He’s a jerk.

People always say this, but it really is all about your team. Everyday I get to work with passionate, creative, whip-smart and above all, respectful, people. We’re not perfect, but we’re pretty darn close.

There are so many brilliant, creative people who are trying to improve the world; by working on the software that they use to stay organized, I can help all of them achieve their dreams.

I am excited to be at Asana because of the amazing team, interesting technologies, and the scope and value of the problem we are trying to solve.

Supporting Our Mission

We think people operate at their best when they are focused, in harmony and at ease. So we’ve designed our culture and our environment to enrich the mental, physical and professional parts of our selves.

Who We’re Looking For


You have a fire in your heart, a drive to do great things and an overwhelming desire to improve the world.


You have an intuitive sense of yourself and the world around you. You know how to admit when you’re wrong and follow through when you are right.


You are dedicated to your craft. You embrace the challenge of working outside your comfort zone. You face the risk of failure head on.


You approach your work with a love for life, an abiding respect for your peers and a healthy dose of fun.