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Develop quality code that is built for scale for millions of people looking to eliminate “work about work” with our platform. At Asana, you will be an integral part of the entire product development process, from Product to Mobile, to Infrastructure to Data Engineering teams. Learn more about the team on our Engineering blog.

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Meet the team

Picture of Bella Kazwell

“I love that the goal of managers at Asana is to make sure that people’s needs are met and that they are happy, growing, and becoming their best selves.”

Bella Kazwell

Engineering Lead

Asana since 2011

Picture of Rachel Miller

“I’ve always felt valued regardless of my tenure, role or seniority level. At Asana, managers and individual contributors are seen as two different paths to success, neither of which is ‘better’ than the other.”

Rachel Miller

Growth Engineer

Asana since 2012

Picture of Sri Raghavan

“People really trust each other here. And because of that trust, we’re free to get our best work done. Our managers are asking questions like ‘How can I help you grow?’ and ‘What would you like to learn this year?’ rather than checking in on status updates and approving next steps.”

Sri Raghavan

Product Engineer

Asana since 2014

How we do it

Efficiency and efficacy are deep in the Asana DNA. We’ve put love and care into every step along the path of delivering a great product.

Distributed Responsibility

All initiatives have exactly one directly responsible individual. We emerge as leaders through accountability and empowerment, not better titles.

Collaborative Planning

Together, we organize our work into sprints and episodes to plan what’s next during Roadmap Week.

Building with Asana

Asana is the primary tool we use to collaborate. We use it to share product ideas, plan sprints, and enjoy the fruits of our labor with every push.

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