Workflows and automation

Create processes that run themselves, so teams can make an impact faster.

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Improve coordination

Build any workflow, no matter how complex

Create custom workflows and automations—no coding required. It’s never been easier to scale reliable, error-proof processes across your organization.

Improve coordination with Asana
Move faster

Capture and automate work across tools

Standardize work intake and move tasks seamlessly from one stage to another. Move faster by automating every step, even if teams use different tools.

Move faster with Asana
Drive efficiency

Make your workflows better

Monitor all your processes in one place, so you can clearly see what’s working. Then, instantly apply changes across your organization.

Drive efficiency with Asana

Move faster with these features

Create hassle-free workflows, so teams can spend less time coordinating and more time on mission-critical work.

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Asana Intelligence

Amplify your impact with AI

Work smarter and faster with Asana Intelligence on your team. Unlock a suite of AI features that maximizes efficiency at every level—and constantly optimize over time to support your evolving needs.

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Connect everything

Pass information seamlessly between tools, no matter how many you use. Asana integrates with 270+ apps so you can automate processes across your tech stack.

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Asana felt like the right product for us because it was built to serve the needs of a rapidly moving planning process.
Walter GrossSenior Director, Audience Development & Strategy
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The business value of Asana

In this IDC study, learn how Asana can help companies achieve 437% three-year ROI and free up time for employees to focus on high-value activities.

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Go deeper

Automating your workflows is just the start. See what else you can do with Asana.

goals and reporting

Goals and reporting

Connect daily work to company-wide objectives, and track progress in real time.

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resource management icon

Resource management

Know what your team is working on and quickly shift resources to your most important priorities.

Project and task management image

Project and task management

Track work from start to finish so every team knows exactly what to do to hit their goals.

admin and security icon

Admin and security

Scale with confidence and keep your company’s work safe.

Put automation to work

Build better processes with a few clicks, and save your team hours.

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