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Reinvent marketing planning

Unite marketers around common goals and 
track progress in one place.

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Asana Product UI displaying strategic planning project overlaid on lifestyle image of office employees

Drive accountability

Connect everyone’s work to goals, so it’s clear why their work matters. 

Stay on track

Automatically update each goal’s progress without manual reporting.

Unblock quickly

Get data-backed AI recommendations to fix at-risk initiatives.

Product UI in Asana of setting up goals for Customer Loyalty Program

Unite around goals

  • Clarify priorities by sharing marketing goals in one place. 

  • Create portfolios to track the strategic initiatives that support each goal. 

  • View and rebalance workloads in real time to hit targets and prevent burnout.

Image of tracking goals in Asana Product UI overlaid on lifestyle image of office employee

Track in real time

  • Automatically update each goal’s progress based on the projects that support it.

  • Create dashboards to monitor goals, or export data to Power BI or Tableau. 

  • Link reporting data from Salesforce to see real-time updates about deals, leads, and more.

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Image of AI in Asana Product UI overlaid on office employees at a meeting

Course-correct with AI

  • Use AI to craft comprehensive status updates in minutes, based on real-time data. 

  • Unblock goals faster by asking Asana to identify risks, open questions, and next steps.

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Centralize your marketing plan

With hundreds of app integrations, you can connect planning conversations, data, and documents in one place. 

Explore marketing and design apps

Strategic planning templates

Don’t start from scratch. Use a pre-made template to jumpstart your planning process. 

Product UI on Asana of a marketing strategy project set up

Marketing strategy template

Check every box to develop a strong strategy, from goal-setting to final deliverables.

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Product UI on Asana of a team goals template

Team goals planning template

See all the steps you need to draft goals, gather input, and put your objectives to the test.

Office image of Genesys for quote slideshow
The marketing team is more efficient, and we know what our workload is—we’re aligned and integrated. Asana helps us see our campaign schedule so we can do fewer, larger programs and be strategic about launch dates to maximize their revenue impact.”

Andrea Leon Trozak

Senior Director, Program Management, Genesys

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Asana Case Study - Gannett - Newspapers
Whether a campaign has a 3-day or 30-day turnaround, tracking many different types of projects in one unified ecosystem has been tremendously helpful for us.”

Steven Tai

Director of Marketing Operations

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Turn plan into action

Rally your marketing team around clear goals, and follow through every time. 

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