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We’re empowering teams to do great things together.

Asana’s mission is to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly

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Why We’re here

Our founders Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein met while leading Engineering teams at Facebook. As operations scaled, they grew frustrated by how difficult it was to coordinate everyone to get work done, and how much time they spent in meetings, sending emails, and searching for information.

To help everyone track their work, they built an internal tool, and time spent on "work about work" dropped. Everyone moved forward with more confidence and clarity. Inspired by how much more they could do by helping teams everywhere achieve greater clarity, Dustin and JR founded Asana, and they’ve been focused on building the future of work ever since.

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Why Asana?

Dustin and JR found inspiration in Buddhist principles to center and guide the product they wanted to build: bringing ease, focus, and flow to a world otherwise full of chaos. Asana is a Sanskrit word that refers to the place and posture in which a yogi sits. A pose requires marrying form and flow, staying centered while moving through distractions.

We typically pronounce Asana with the emphasis on the second syllable: uh-sāh-nuh. But we’re not prescriptive about it. We welcome other pronunciations too, including the Sanskrit pronunciation āh-suh-nuh.

Asana office

We stand for teams

Customers like to say, "If it’s in Asana, we’ll get it done." Millions of teams in over 190 countries do extraordinary things with Asana.

Fireclay Tile can focus on producing the world’s most beautiful tile thanks to reducing time spent in meetings and email. Viessmann supports innovation through keeping products and employees connected digitally. Whale and Dolphin Conservation is more efficient across their organization, which means they can protect more whales and dolphins. These stories of teams thriving are why we exist.

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By empowering teams to work together, we help humanity thrive.

Watch our vision

Each of our values is aligned with what will guide us to achieve our mission


We are purpose-driven people, dedicated to serving something beyond ourselves. Having mission as a value also allows us to continually ground ourselves in why we’re building Asana.

Do great things, fast

We commit to being great at the things we do and doing them fast, without sacrificing one for the other.


Our product and culture aim to ensure that teams know who is doing what, by when, and why, which unlocks the best work experiences and outcomes.


Great achievements are almost always the result not of one, but many. We bring our best, let go of egos, and work with empathy and trust to do great things together.

Give and take responsibility

Having integrity around our commitments means seizing exciting opportunities, and also owning it when we have to deprioritize something. We accept full ownership of our commitments, and empower and trust others to achieve theirs.


We focus on the present and aim to give ourselves time to reflect and space to integrate what we learn. These practices allow us to collectively learn from and improve in all that we do, and to continually evolve our culture.

Reject false tradeoffs

We stay curious, creative, and open to new perspectives. Choosing between two sides of an extreme results in losing the benefits of one, so we commit to searching for a third way that incorporate the truths of both.

Be real (with yourself and others)

We know that our best work is tied to authenticity, which allows for growth and collaboration. We bring our whole selves to work and commit to building an inclusive environment in which all people feel safe and excited about being their full selves.


We embrace what makes us human, take time to play and have fun, and create meaningful experiences for their own sake. Why do we have a unicorn flying across our product when we mark a task complete? The real question is - why not?

We’re all about results

We’re building a product that empowers teams to track their work—and produce great results.

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We’re proud of what we’ve achieved—Asana is already one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies ever.

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We’re even more proud of what our customers have accomplished with Asana, and we’re excited to empower new teams every day.

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Let’s do great things together