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Align work to goals

Keep goals front and center by connecting them to daily work.

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Centralize goal planning

Set, track, and communicate about goals in one platform.

Track goals in real time

See progress instantly with custom dashboards.

Write better objectives

Ask AI to draft fully formed goals based on a plain description.

Goals in Asana: Abstracted product UI

Standardize goal-setting

  • Create custom templates to standardize goals across your organization. 

  • Choose between different goal types, like objectives or key results.

  • Use Asana’s project template to streamline goal-setting, from drafting to final approvals.

Employee talking to customer: Asana abstracted product UI

Monitor performance

  • Create custom reports to instantly see which goals are on track, off track, or at risk. 

  • Automatically update each goal’s progress based on the projects and portfolios that support it. 

  • Link reporting data from Salesforce to see real-time updates about deals, leads, and more.

Reporting dashboardsApp integrations
Group of employees working on team goals: Asana abstracted product UI

Write better goals

  • Start with a basic description, then ask AI to draft a SMART goal that’s specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

  • Customize every part of your objective, from how it’s formatted to how you measure progress.

Smart goals

Connect goals to data

With hundreds of app integrations, Asana makes reporting easy.

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Goal management templates

Standardize the goal-setting process with pre-made templates, so every team has a clear plan of action.

Planning team goals: Asana product UI
Team goals planning template

See all the steps you need to draft goals, gather input, and put your objectives to the test.

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Objectives and key results: Asana product UI
Objectives and key results template

Help teams set effective OKRs with a step-by-step plan.

Employees planning team goals: Gojek image
Asana makes it easy to manage and track OKRs. Our entire company knows what the key priorities are and can plan, track, and report on work accordingly. It’s made us much more efficient so we can execute and scale faster.

Dian Rosanti

Former Head of Project Management, Consumer Platform at Gojek

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Stay on target

Make goals visible and connect them to everyday work, so teams can prioritize what matters.

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