Asana Enterprise

Enterprise gives you more control and more support. Perfect for organizations that are large, complex, or want more power.

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The security your organization needs

Asana Enterprise provides the administration and security controls often required by enterprise organizations. With Enterprise, organization admins have more control over what’s happening in your Asana account.

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More control and more support

Asana Enterprise gives you more control over member settings and organization data, plus advanced support so you can be sure you’ll be successful on Asana.

Member settings

Manage team members with our most advanced admin controls like service accounts, user provisioning and deprovisioning, and SAML.

Data control

Enterprise gives you advanced security controls like data export, data deletion, encryption at rest, and cross-regional backups.

Support and success

Receive top-notch priorty support to ensure you’re successful with Asana.

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Asana has become the cornerstone of project management for the Shared Services Center. It has enabled our small team of six to migrate services and implement new tools effectively and efficiently that impact all 1,500 of our employees and other users around the world.

—Tamas Kadar, Business Development Manager, Air France KLM Group

What you can do with Asana Enterprise

Premium and Business features

Enterprise gives you all the power and features available to Premium and Business users.

Full-org export

Get access to all the data that’s ever been put into your organization’s Asana account and export into a JSON file.

Feature only available at the organizational level

Data deletion

Permanently delete all information and data that’s been stored in your organization account.

Feature only available at the organizational level

Block native integrations

Prevent teammates from integrating your organization’s Asana account with any software or apps that you do not allow.

Service accounts

Build automations and integrations in Asana more easily. Plus, get stronger admin access to everything in your organization.

Feature only available at the organizational level


Increase security by requiring team members to sign into Asana using existing login credentials.

99.9% Uptime SLA

Ensure that your organization can access Asana whenever you need it with guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Cross-regional backups

Make sure that your data is stored in a way that meets your storage requirements, with backups across multiple locations.

Top-notch support

Have a question? We’re on it. Jump the line with priority support.

User provisioning and deprovisioning

Automatically provision and deprovision users in Asana through your standardized SAML provider.

Feature only available at the organizational level

Custom branding

Put your logo front and center. With custom branding, you’re able to customize Asana with your own logo.

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Asana Enterprise combines the power of Premium
with the security your organization needs.