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Goals and reporting

Connect every team’s work to company objectives, then track progress with real-time data.

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Drive strategy

Align strategy to execution, at every level

Track goals and the work that supports them, all in one place. See how every initiative furthers company objectives, so teams stay focused on what matters.

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At a large enterprise company like Xero, communicating goals can be tough. Instead of tracking objectives in hard-to-find spreadsheets, Xero uses Asana to monitor and share goals across their global team. This lets everyone see how each regional priority ladders up into their overarching strategy.
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Stay on target with these features

Keep teams aligned to company priorities, so everyone is headed in the right direction. With shared goals and real-time data, you can index on results and course-correct when needed.

A set of connected Asana tasks showing how Asana AI creates a campaign workflow that includes triaging new requests, assigning tasks based on role, and reporting against goal progress
Asana AI

Amplify your impact with AI

Work smarter and faster with a suite of AI teammates that maximize efficiency at every level–and adapt over time to support your evolving needs.

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Sync data across tools

No more back-and-forth. Asana integrates with 270+ apps, so the information you need is always at your fingertips.

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Anatomy of Work Global Index

87% of workers with clear, connected goals say their organization is well-prepared to meet customer expectations—more than double those without.

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Go deeper

Goals and reporting are just the start. See what else you can do with Asana.

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Project and task management

Track work from start to finish in Asana, so every team knows exactly what to do to hit their goals.

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Workflow automation

Create processes that run themselves, so your team can focus on the next big thing.

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Resource management

Know what your team is working on and quickly shift resources to your most important priorities.

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Admin and security

Scale with confidence and keep your company’s work safe.

One strategy, across teams

Help every team prioritize the right work. With shared goals and reliable data, it’s never been easier to stay in sync.

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