Reporting dashboards

Uncover the state of your team’s work with real-time data.

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Lead with data

Create dashboards with a few clicks, so you can make the right decisions quickly.

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Stay on track

Visualize data in different ways to find blockers and troubleshoot problems.

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Jump right in

Get started quickly with chart templates—no reporting experience required.

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Build a dashboard

  • Add charts with a click: Start with a template from our library, or customize your own. 

  • Visualize data: Choose between different chart styles, from simple line graphs to burnup charts. 

  • Customize your inputs: Pull data about tasks, goals, or projects. 

  • Filter your results: Choose a specific date range, exclude certain tasks, and more.

Gather insights icon

Gather insights

Stay informed with these chart ideas:

  • Monitor spending: Create a line chart to show how project costs change over time.

  • Track progress: Use a donut chart to visualize the status of each task within a project.

  • See the big picture: Graph total revenue across projects at your organization.

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Take action

  • Go to the source: Click on any data point to find the underlying goals, projects, or tasks you need to unblock. 

  • Share insights: Keep your dashboard private, or share it with specific team members.

Put it all together

Reporting dashboards are just the start. Combine them with these features and stay on track to hit your business targets.

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See how busy your team is, so you can rebalance work quickly.

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Connect every team’s work to company-wide objectives.

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Your mission control center to monitor connected projects and collaborate across teams.

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Still have questions? We have answers.

Which Asana plans include reporting dashboards?

Reporting dashboards are available for all Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers. There are a few different types of dashboards, some of which are available only for specific plan types. Here’s a breakdown: 

  • Project dashboards let you pull data from within individual projects. They’re available for Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers.

  • Portfolio dashboards let you pull data across every project in a portfolio. They’re available for Business and Enterprise customers.

  • Universal reporting lets you pull data across your whole organization. Premium plans include universal reporting on tasks, while Business and Enterprise plans include universal reporting on tasks, projects, and goals. 

Learn about pricing, or try Asana Business for free for 30 days, no credit card required.

What types of charts can I build?

You can visualize data in different ways with these chart types

  • Column

  • Line

  • Burnup

  • Donut

  • Number

  • Lollipop

Are charts customizable?

Yes, you can add up to 20 custom charts to a dashboard. Use our chart builder to select the type of chart you want to build. Then choose your inputs, add filters, and more.

Can I share reporting dashboards?

Yes, you can. Share your dashboard with specific teammates to give them view-only access. Keep in mind that your teammate’s plan needs to be eligible to access dashboards in order for them to view.

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Dashboards help you spot blockers before they blow up. Get a pulse on what’s happening, without extra work.

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