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Dustin Moskovitz explains what’s next for Asana

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Five apps every small business owner needs to know about

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Asana: the ‘Tesla of productivity tools’

Inc. — May 28, 2013

Work without the drudgery

New York Times — May 1, 2013

Re-reengineering the corporation — March 20, 2013

Asana- making sense of work once again

Huffington Post — March 6, 2013

From “me” to “we”: are you ready to shift?

TechCrunch — January 27, 2013

The enterprise cool kids

Bloomberg Businessweek — January 10, 2013

The Dunbar number, from the guru of social networks

The Washington Post — October 22, 2012

How business owners can avoid succumbing to email overload

Information Week — June 27, 2012

Asana offers inbox just for work

Explore Asana

Asana is the easiest way for teams to track their projects and tasks, so they can get results.

Marketing Campaign

Marketing Campaign

Product Launch

Product Launch

Company Goals

Company Goals

Mission to the Moon

Mission to the Moon

Organize your work

Set clear tasks and milestones to give your team clarity on what needs to be done.

Organize your work

Help your team hit their deadlines

Let each marketer know exactly what work they’re responsible for with clear assignees and due dates.

Help your team hit their deadlines

Hit your deadline

Map out your campaign plan to visualize how all the pieces fit together, spot potential issues, and keep work on track.

Hit your deadline

Have actionable conversations

Ask questions or give updates with the work that’s being done, so conversations turn into actions.

Have actionable conversations

Attach files to your work

Tie shared docs, design files, and budget spreadsheets together so your team isn’t searching for info.

Attach files to your work

View work at a glance

Look at work on a calendar to keep an eye on timing and rally around important dates

View work at a glance

Track your progress

Keep up to date on project progress and quickly spot when things are off track.

Track your progress

Work on the go

Whether you’re meeting with a vendor, at a conference, or out of office, stay connected with Asana for mobile.

Work on the go

Run successful programs, every time

Asana helps marketing teams plan, manage, track, and launch initiatives that engage their audience.

Run successful programs, every time

Map out each step

Map out critical steps—from development to launch—so everyone has clarity on the roadmap.

Map out each step

Know who’s got the ball

Give clear owners and due dates for each piece of the launch, so you can release on time.

Know who’s got the ball

Launch on time

See how the pieces of your plan fit together so you can make adjustments and keep work on track.

Launch on time

Keep everyone up-to-date

Make sure important updates and conversations don’t get buried in email threads by connecting them to your work.

Keep everyone up-to-date

Store work in one place

Attach files to your project, so everyone knows where to find the correct info.

Store work in one place

Track dates and milestones

Keep an eye on important dates by viewing launch plans on a calendar.

Track dates and milestones

See what’s on track, and what isn’t

See how work is progressing to make sure you’re on track to hit your deadlines and goals.

See what’s on track, and what isn’t

Stay connected, wherever you are

Stay up to date on how your launch is progressing no matter where you are with Asana for mobile.

Stay connected, wherever you are

Ready, set, launch!

Asana helps product teams hit deadlines—so they can launch great products.

Ready, set, launch!

Map out priorities

Create tasks for each goal so everyone has visibility into company-wide objectives.

Map out priorities

Determine the right point person

Assign each goal to the appropriate person, so everyone knows who’s responsible, and who to go to with questions.

Determine the right point person

Make a plan to hit your goals

See how each milestone ladders up to your goals so you can feel confident you’ll hit your targets.

Make a plan to hit your goals

Share info and give updates

Keep stakeholders up to date on the latest info and progress, with updates and comments tied directly to your goals.

Share info and give updates

Attach important files

Integrate Asana with your file sharing tools to keep all your important docs in one place.

Attach important files

Keep an eye on important dates

Look at your initiative deadlines and milestones on a calendar to make sure you’ve nailed the timing.

Keep an eye on important dates

Track company progress

Understand what objectives are on track, and what needs your attention so you can hit your goals.

Track company progress

Stay in the loop

Get updates and weigh in on important decisions wherever you are, with Asana for mobile.

Stay in the loop

Hit your goals

Asana gives your team visibility into your organization’s goals, so everyone stays focused on what matters most.

Hit your goals

Get ready for the mission

Map out each step of your mission, so you don’t forget anything as you shoot for the stars.

Get ready for the mission

Know who’s in charge

Assign clear owners for each task, so your pilot, commander, and flight engineer know what they need to do.

Know who’s in charge

Map out each step

Create a launch plan so you can chart your course from start to finish, share it with your team, and modify it as conditions change.

Map out each step

Make sure all systems are a go

Ask important questions, have conversations, and give status updates to get your crew ready for launch day.

Make sure all systems are a go

Tie it all together

Connect Asana to the other tools you need for your mission, so all your information lives in the same place.

Tie it all together

Keep your eye on the prize

View each milestone on a calendar, so you can track important dates leading up to takeoff.

Keep your eye on the prize

Track your progress

See what’s on track, and what isn’t, so you can be sure you’re ready for launch day.

Track your progress

Work from anywhere

Keep up to date whether you’re in the office or on the moon, just make sure you have internet connection!

Work from anywhere

3, 2, 1… blastoff!

With Asana, your crew can shoot for the moon, and get there. All it takes is one small step…

3, 2, 1… blastoff!