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Put your creative ideas into action at a product-driven and design-led organization. Our Product organization includes a collaborative mix of teams across Product Management, Product Design, Brand Design, and User Experience Research.

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Picture of Katie Schmalzried

“It’s a joy to work on such an awesome product with our team and use it day in and day out. My favorite part of my job is launches—I love seeing how customers react to our work.”

Katie Schmalzried

Product Manager

Asana since 2015

Picture of Christa Simon

“Being a researcher at Asana means I get to work with our customers to discover and solve interesting problems every day.”

Christa Simon

Experience Researcher

Asana since 2015

Picture of Mat Stevens

“At Asana, I feel a sense of responsibility and ownership to make not only the product better, but the experience of working at Asana a healthy, positive, inclusive culture as well.”

Mat Stevens

Product Designer

Asana since 2015

How we do it

Efficiency and efficacy are deep in the Asana DNA. We’ve put love and care into every step along the path of delivering a great product.

Distributed Responsibility

All initiatives have exactly one directly responsible individual. We emerge as leaders through accountability and empowerment, not better titles.

Collaborative Planning

Together, we organize our work into sprints and episodes to plan what’s next during Roadmap Week.

Building with Asana

Asana is the primary tool we use to collaborate. We use it to share product ideas, plan sprints, and enjoy the fruits of our labor with every push.

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