General & Administrative

Recruit, retain, and enable our growing number of Asanas through programs that support our people and our business. Our People and Operations teams span Recruiting, People Operations, Finance, Legal, Culinary, Facilities, and IT.

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Meet the team

Picture of Will Hertlein

“It’s awesome to come to work and see accelerating progress, hear about the accomplishments of other team members, and to see how other companies and individuals in the world are using Asana to make their worlds, and our world, a better place.”

Will Hertlein

Financial Planning Analysis Lead

Asana since 2015

Picture of Kevin Wilemon

“I get to explore cutting-edge technology and tools, implement them, and make sure that our whole organization is running smoothly on them.”

Kevin Wilemon

IT Specialist

Asana since 2015

Picture of Cristina Gavin

“I have so much respect and love for my fellow Asanas. I’m so grateful to work with such a talented and supportive group of people.”

Cristina Gavin

People Operations

Asana since 2014

How we do it

Efficiency and efficacy are deep in the Asana DNA. We’ve put love and care into every step along the path of delivering a great product.

Distributed Responsibility

All initiatives have exactly one directly responsible individual. We emerge as leaders through accountability and empowerment, not better titles.

Collaborative Planning

Together, we organize our work into sprints and episodes to plan what’s next during Roadmap Week.

Building with Asana

Asana is the primary tool we use to collaborate. We use it to share product ideas, plan sprints, and enjoy the fruits of our labor with every push.

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