Business & Marketing

Build and grow the business, and work with our incredible customers all over the world. Our Business organization includes Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, User Operations, Business Technology, and Web Development.

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Picture of Alison Harmon

“Working at the intersection of our business and technology allows me to collaborate with many teams and develop a deep understanding of all facets of the work we do.”

Alison Harmon

Sales Engineer

Asana since 2014

Picture of Shannon McNeil

“I love that we care so deeply about improving the lives of our users, and that makes its way into every product and business conversation we have.”

Shannon McNeil

Customer Success Manager

Asana since 2014

Picture of Reigan Combs

“It has been wonderful watching Asana grow - the product, the team, the people on that team, and our key business metrics!”

Reigan Combs

Email Marketing

Asana since 2014

How we do it

Efficiency and efficacy are deep in the Asana DNA. We’ve put love and care into every step along the path of delivering a great product.

Distributed Responsibility

All initiatives have exactly one directly responsible individual. We emerge as leaders through accountability and empowerment, not better titles.

Collaborative Planning

Together, we organize our work into sprints and episodes to plan what’s next during Roadmap Week.

Building with Asana

Asana is the primary tool we use to collaborate. We use it to share product ideas, plan sprints, and enjoy the fruits of our labor with every push.

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