See the future of work with Asana: Meet the navigation system for your organization

July 14th, 2020
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Two years ago, we first shared our vision for the future of work. Fast forward to today, and I’m proud to say we’ve delivered on that roadmap with the launch of TimelinePortfoliosWorkloadAutomation, and now, Goals, giving organizations a living system of clarity that connects daily tasks to companywide objectives.

And we’re just getting started. 

Today, I’m excited to unveil the next chapter of our product vision at our Future of Asana event. Over the next few years, we’ll be creating the navigation system for organizations. Just as autonomous cars guide people to their destinations, our vision for Asana is to help you and your team navigate your way towards your mission with the most up-to-date information about the road ahead. 

Here’s a glimpse of what the future of work looks like with Asana. 

Reimagine meetings with huddles

Meetings are one of the biggest drains on a team’s time and energy, especially when they’re tedious and unproductive. 

In the future, those meetings will be replaced with a whole new way to sync: huddles. 

future of work: huddles

Huddles are quick syncs. They always have a goal and specific agenda items, and only last as long as needed. A virtual assistant will schedule the huddle and create an agenda for you so your meeting stays on track. And during the huddle, Asana will automatically transcribe the conversation and assign action items so next steps and responsibilities are clear.

Turn chaos into clarity

Today we’re constantly interrupted by the tools we use in both our personal and professional lives. In a distraction economy, chaos is the norm and endless notifications make it harder to focus on the work that truly matters. 

In our vision for the future of work, Asana turns this chaos into clarity. 

Future of work: focus mode

Imagine logging in to Asana at the start of each workday to find a clear list of tasks, aggregated from all the other tools you’re using and automatically prioritized based on your company’s goals and team timelines as well as your personal and professional priorities. To help you get your best work done, focus-protection functionality will eliminate distractions and let you set preferences so you only receive messages and updates that are relevant to what you’re working on. 

Align attention with intention

Most people today have task lists that are in a boxing match with their calendar. What you intend to accomplish for the day competes with meetings and other demands on your time. 

Now imagine a virtual assistant in Asana designed to help you align your attention with your intentions. You’ll be able to set an intention for the day, and then Asana intelligently tailors and organizes your schedule for you to create harmony between your tasks and calendar. 

A workflow store to help teams tackle any project

Successfully completing an ambitious project, like launching a global multimedia campaign or getting a new product to market, requires the right workflows. But mapping out workflows takes time, unique management expertise, and teams today often don’t get them right. 

We thought to ourselves, if consumers have an app store, why don’t teams have a workflow store where you can choose the right workflow for your project with the click of a button?

Future of work: workflow store

In our vision for the future of work, we’re building a workflow store right inside Asana that lets teams find and tailor workflows to take on new challenges. Instead of reinventing the wheel at the start of every project, teams will be able to draw from the best practices of industry leaders and third-party developers around the world. Just point, click, and get right to work.

Status reports that write themselves

Every organization sets goals, but more often than not, these goals are shared in slide decks and never tied to the day-to-day work. This leaves both team members and leaders in the dark about how work ladders up to strategic objectives. We launched Goals today so that everyone in an organization is aligned around a shared mission. 

And in the future, status reports will virtually write themselves in Asana to provide real-time visibility into how everyone’s work is tracking towards that shared mission. Imagine reports that automatically build themselves with work information pulled from projects, giving leaders a clear view into their team’s work without having to chase down information.

Building the future of work

We cannot wait to make this future vision of work a reality in Asana. Clarity is hard to achieve under normal circumstances, and it’s even harder now as teams around the world navigate unprecedented changes to where and how they work together. 

Ultimately, what fuels us is your mission. Asana exists to help you achieve your mission faster, and we’re excited to build a navigation system for your organization that empowers teams to operate with clarity, accountability, and alignment like never before. 

To see what we’re building for the future of work, visit

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