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Tableau + Asana

Unlock your team’s work data to make smarter business decisions

Install Tableau for Asana
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Install Tableau for Asana

Visualize your team’s work

Build custom, actionable dashboards based on Asana inputs like Custom Fields to get real-time insights into projects and workflows.

Optimize processes

Track and analyze progress against team goals to identify project efficiencies and bottlenecks.

Create shareable reports

Layer Asana data with insights from other mission-critical business tools to share a complete snapshot of team performance.

Connect Tableau to Asana

This integration is available to Asana Enterprise or higher customers who also have a Tableau account. To set up the integration, you’ll need a Tableau Desktop with a Creator license. To view a report, you’ll need a Tableau viewer license. We recommend using Tableau Desktop 2019.4 or later.

Here’s how to set up the integration

  1. Select Web Data Connector from the Tableau Desktop Connect menu.
  2. Copy and paste into the URL bar.
  3. When prompted, log in to Asana.
  4. Enter the URL to the Asana team or Portfolio you would like to analyze.

Learn more and get support

For further instructions and support, visit the Asana Help Center.

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