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Custom fields

Add labels to tasks so you can sort, filter, and automatically report on work.

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Capture the right data

Tag tasks by priority, status, or anything else that’s important to your team.

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Drive consistency

Reuse custom fields across your organization, so everyone reports work the same way.

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Trust your processes

Make reliable calculations and design your own automations based on custom fields.

Create custom fields with Asana

Create custom fields

  • Organize work your way: Decide how to track work, then create custom fields to match. 

  • Track anything: Choose between different field types, like dates, people, text, or numbers. 

  • Make it scannable: Use color coding to help team members understand the status of work at a glance.

Supercharge your data with Asana

Supercharge your data

  • Find it fast: Filter projects by custom fields to easily sort and find what you’re looking for.

  • Calculate totals: Instantly summarize data across tasks, like time spent or available budget.

  • Analyze your numbers: Run calculations on project data to generate actionable insights.

  • Narrow down reporting: Pull reports based on custom fields to track the details you care about. 

  • Customize automations: Use custom fields to trigger rules—like automatically assigning a task when a field is updated.

Maintain your system with Asana

Maintain your system

  • Share far and wide: Use custom fields for a single project, or add them to your company-wide library. 

  • Manage permissions: Maintain consistency by choosing who can make edits.

Build your automation engine

Custom fields are just the start. Put these features together to track, assign, and kick off work with a few clicks.

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Data is power

Use custom fields to track the information you need, when you need it.

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