Project views

Organize your work as a Kanban board, list, timeline, calendar, or Gantt chart.

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Project views in Asana
Visualize work quickly

Visualize work quickly

Switch between project views with a single click, no setup needed.

See projects your way icon

See projects your way

Surface the most relevant information for your team by creating multiple custom views within a project.

Schedule dynamically icon

Schedule dynamically

Drag and drop tasks to instantly update your project timeline.

Track work through stages
Board view

Track work through stages

  • See tasks as cards: Drag and drop them like sticky notes on a Kanban board. 

  • Define your process: Show work stages with columns, like “new,” “in progress,” and “complete.” 

  • Keep tabs on details: See the task due date, assignee, and subtasks on each card.

Catalog everything
List view

Catalog everything

  • List to-dos: Capture every step in a project, from start to finish. 

  • Customize your layout: Drag and drop tasks into custom sections to stay organized. 

  • Use it like a spreadsheet: Label tasks and use columns to automatically sum, average, and count numbers.

Fit it all together icon
Timeline view

Fit it all together

  • See the big picture: Create a project timeline in seconds to visualize where work starts, ends, and overlaps. 

  • Spot blockers: Flag which tasks can’t be started until another is completed. 

  • Shift schedules with a click: Drag and drop tasks to instantly update due dates across your whole timeline.

Plan your month icon
Calendar view

Plan your month

  • Pencil it in: Schedule tasks on a calendar to spot holes and overlaps in your schedule. 

  • Make adjustments: Drag and drop tasks to a new day and automatically update due dates. 

  • Go deeper: Click on tasks to pull up a detailed view.

Gantt view Product UI in Asana
Gantt view

See it all

  • See end to end: Get a bird's-eye view of ongoing and upcoming work.

  • Stay on track: Set a target schedule and monitor how your progress aligns with it.

  • Identify roadblocks: See how every piece of work fits together with visualized dependency chains.

Project views are just the start

Combine them with these collaboration features to help your team stay in sync.

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Organize tasks and tackle work together in a shared hub.

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My tasks

See all your assignments in one place, so you can prioritize what’s next.

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Get automatic updates about work that matters to you, and filter out the rest.

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What intrigued us about Asana was the ability to use Agile methodology; the flexibility to personalize project views was a huge plus.
Andrea Leon TrozakSenior Director, Program Management at Genesys
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Still have questions? We have answers.

Which Asana plans include project views?

List, board, and calendar views are available for all Asana plans. Timeline view is available for Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers. Learn about pricing, or try Asana Business for free for 30 days, no credit card required.

Can you view Asana projects as Kanban boards?

Yes you can. In fact, Asana’s board view is a Kanban board. Picture a board with sticky notes arranged into columns, like “do,” “doing,” and “done.” That’s what board view can do, with much more functionality than paper sticky notes.

When should I use calendar view vs. timeline view?

Timeline and calendar view can give you different types of insights. Consider timeline view if: 

  • Your project has an end date.

  • Your project has dependencies and work needs to happen in a specific order. 

  • You want to create a project schedule and track progress. 

Consider calendar view if: 

  • Your project is ongoing.

  • Tasks are independent of each other. 

  • You want to get a glimpse of work happening this week or month.

See work clearly

Spot blockers before they happen. Learn how your team can stay organized with project views.

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