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Time tracking

Measure how much time you’re spending on work, so you can budget the time you need.

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Track in real time icon
Track in real time

Use an embedded timer to measure exactly how long work takes.

Cut out the guesswork icon
Cut out the guesswork

Compare time data to your estimated schedule, so you can spot and fix what’s off track.

Kickstart new projects icon
Kickstart new projects

Save your insights and create data-backed timelines for future work.

Track your time icon

Track your time

  • Make an estimate: Record how long each task should take, so you can plan timelines accurately. 

  • Measure exactly: Use an embedded timer or manually track the time spent on tasks. 

  • Track multiple sessions: Stop the timer and come back to the task later.

  • Keep a record: Open a detailed log to see who tracked time for a task and when.

Apply your insights icon

Apply your insights

  • See team workloads: Calculate how many hours are on everyone’s plate, and make sure no one is overwhelmed or underworked. 

  • Get real-time data: Report on estimated time versus actual time, so you can keep projects on track.

  • Reuse your learnings: Create a template to kickstart new projects, and add estimated time values to each task.

Put it all together

Time tracking is just the start. Monitor the pulse of your team with these features, so you always know where things stand.

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Time tracking is available for all Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ customers. Learn about pricing, or try Asana Advanced for free for 30 days, no credit card required.

If you track time, you can report on it. Customize your project dashboards to include time tracking data, so you can chart things like: 

  • Estimated time by assignee

  • Total actual time by project section

  • Total actual time by priority

  • And more

Keep time on your side

Take the guesswork out of resource planning. Use time tracking to measure exactly how long work takes.

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