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Agile Effect + Asana

Agile Effect provides features to retrieve task information from Asana, visualize, and streamline Agile and Scrum development.

Install Agile Effect for Asana
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Install Agile Effect for Asana

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What is Agile Effect?

By integrating with Asana to retrieve tasks, it addresses challenges like "inefficiency in Scrum ceremonies with only task management," "meeting sprint goals just in time, lowering motivation," and "wanting to improve the overall productivity of the Scrum team."

Why Agile Effect + Asana?

Agile Effect is based on the three pillars of Scrum.

It currently offers Burndown Charts, Velocity Charts, and Task Dialogs, with more features to come.

Burndown Charts and Task Dialogs enhance transparency by tracking task updates by date. Using these features helps identify delays early and make quick adjustments. For example, when new tasks are added, it allows for quick discussions about "Why was the requirement added?", "Why does it need immediate attention?", and "Is the product owner aware?".

Velocity Charts reviews current velocity based on past performance, promoting continuous improvement and team growth in future sprint planning, ensuring goal achievement.

How to connect Agile Effect + Asana?

  1. From this screen, proceed with the installation or visit
  2. Create an account on the displayed screen.
  3. Create an organization.
  4. Invite other members who you want to use the service.
  5. The setup is complete, and the TOP page will be displayed.

To use Agile Effect, you need to have a "Starter" plan or higher with Asana.

For more details, please refer to this manual.

The manual can also be accessed from within the system.

Learn more and get support

If you have questions, feedback, or need support, visit the officil site.

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