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Odin AI + Asana

Odin is a generative AI-based enterprise productivity tool that integrates with Asana to help you simplify project collaboration and streamline resource management.

Install Odin AI for Asana
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Install Odin AI for Asana

Integrating Odin with Asana simplifies project collaboration and streamlines resource management for maximum productivity.

With Odin, you can:

  • Get real time project and team member status to track progress
  • Use information from Asana to generate task reports
  • Create new tasks and assign them to project members
  • Reassign existing tasks to members image alt

How to connect Odin AI + Asana?

App setup instruction found here.

  1. Sign in into Odin Account
  2. Create New Project
  3. After creating Project, you will land on the chat screen
  4. On chat screen the left column will contain Automator Tools
  5. Click Flows from Automator Tools
  6. Create New Flow, Select start from Scratch
  7. Click + icon below select trigger piece and a select step box will open
  8. Type Asana in the select piece box, and click Asana
  9. Complete the assignee box, and add an email of an assignee

Learn more and get support

If you have questions, feedback, or need support, visit the Odin AI Support page.

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