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Bardeen Integration for Asana + Asana

Automate repetitive tasks and control Asana from anywhere with Bardeen

App Benefits

Bardeen is a productivity tool to automate your repetitive tasks and control your web apps from anywhere.

With the Bardeen + Asana integration, you can quickly create an Asana task with a keyboard shortcut or set a trigger to create tasks automatically.

Bardeen can also connect your favorite web apps such as Google Calendar, Sheets, Gmail, Jira, and many others. Set triggers to move data between apps or automatically transfer data from one app to another.

App Setup Instructions

For help integrating Asana and Bardeen, view the Bardeen Asana playbooks. Click “Try it” and follow on-screen instructions.

Alternatively you can follow the steps below:

  1. Install the Bardeen browser extension (works with Chrome, Edge, Brave, and Opera).
  2. Once you’ve installed Bardeen, enable the Asana integration by typing “Activate Asana” into the Bardeen command prompt or clicking the Asana icon on the “Integration Catalog” page. Follow on-screen instructions to connect Bardeen and Asana.
  3. Then, to get started, pick a pre-built playbook with Asana.
  4. Check out Bardeen’s guide to streamlining Asana workflows to stay focused on what’s important.

If you have any problems along the way, reach out to

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App Support Email

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