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WorkingOn + Asana

Discover tasks in Asana and automatically add to status updates and report progress across the team, in one central place.

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WorkingOn is a minimalist status reporting app for teams to communicate and see progress without interruptions. You can share what you're currently working on, and when you add and complete work in tools like Asana, they'll automatically be added to your progress view in WorkingOn.

WorkingOn + Asana

  1. Visit WorkingOn to connect your Asana projects to your WorkingOn reporting or create a new account.
  2. Connect Asana and select which projects you’d like WorkingOn to track. Return to this page any time you add new projects in Asana.
  3. As you complete your assigned tasks in Asana, they will automatically report to WorkingOn as finished.
  4. As you start working on your assigned tasks in Asana, you can type them in the WorkingOn interface, and the task name will auto-populate from your Asana list!

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