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Lindy.aiAsana Integration + Asana

This AI-powered automation platform integrates with dozens of third-party services and can be configured to perform complex tasks—no coding required.

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Why + Asana? is an AI-powered automation platform that integrates with dozens of third-party services. Lindy can be configured to perform complex and valuable tasks in the real world with natural language - no coding required.

How to connect + Asana?

  1. Sign up for a trial account at
  2. Once you are logged in create a new Lindy by clicking the + action next to "Lindies"
  3. Give it the "Asana Manager" name and "Help me manage my product and projects using Asana" as guidelines
  4. Add Asana actions by clicking the + button next to actions, selecting "Asana tool", then clicking "Select All" and finally clicking Add "22 Actions"
  5. You can the click "Create Lindy" and start interacting with the Lindy
  6. You can specify the model you wish to use by clicking Advanced settings -> Language model, I like to use Anthropic's Claude 3 Opus
  7. Ask something from Lindy for example "Get my user info", follow the oauth authorization process and see the response

Additional prompts to try:

  • “List tasks assigned to me”
  • “Update [Task Name] task due date for tuesday next week”
  • “Comment “I’ll work on this today” on [Task Name]”
  • “Mark task as completed”

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the + Asana integration, visit this site.

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