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StensulAsana Integration

Stensul + Asana

Dramatically reduce email creation time by sending Stensul email drafts to Asana.

What is Stensul?

Stensul Agile Email Creation is the first email creation platform built for the enterprise. Stensul dramatically reduces email creation time by up to 90% to help teams focus on improving email performance. With the Stensul Email Creation HubTM, teams launch campaigns faster by streamlining the collaboration process and simplifying creation for all marketers, so they can build emails that drive results.

With the Stensul + Asana integration, users can create email drafts in Stensul and send Stensul email drafts to Asana. To use this integration, a user needs to have an existing Asana account. Email drafts from Stensul are sent to existing tasks as a comment in a specific Asana project. Stensul can connect with multiple Asana user accounts allowing a proof to be sent under a specific Asana user.

Get Stensul + Asana

Before connecting this integration, make sure you have existing Asana and Stensul accounts.

Set up in Asana

  1. Navigate to the Asana developer console in your Asana instance.
  2. Select “+ New App” to create a new app.
  3. The newly created app will auto-generate a Client ID and Secret that will be used in Stensul to authenticate your account.
  4. Add a name for the integration (this is not referenced in Stensul).
  5. Add the following URL redirect in the available field (substitute your Stensul instance name where applicable): https://[Instance Name]

Set up in Stensul

Note that only Stensul Admins can access integrations.

  1. Navigate to Stensul’s integration page on the admin panel: https:/[Instance Name]
  2. On the page, locate “Asana,” and select “Connect” to connect a new Asana integration instance.
  3. Enter a name to later identify the integration.
  4. Enter the Client ID (auto-generated in Asana in the steps above).
  5. Enter the Secret (auto-generated in Asana in the steps above).
  6. Select “Save.”
  7. After saving the entered information, you will be redirected to https://[Instance Name]
  8. Select the “Configure” tab of the newly created integration and login to your Asana account as directed.
  9. Select the Asana workspace that you want to set for the integration from the available dropdown and select “Save.”
  10. Navigate to the Stensul Library where you want to use the Asana integration: https://[Instance Name]
  11. Locate the library where you want to add the integration and select “Edit.” You will now add this newly created integration to your respective Stensul Library(s).
  12. In the Library, on the left hand panel, toggle the “Enable Workflows” field on.
  13. In the field’s dropdown menu, select the respective Asana integration instance(s), identified by the name you created at the time of setup. You are able to add multiple instances to each Library if applicable.
  14. Select “Save” to confirm your updates.

Using the Integration

  1. In Stensul, create an email using the Library with the enabled Asana integration.
  2. When ready, in the email builder, select “Send for Review” and then “Send outside Stensul.”
  3. An upload modal will appear with the Asana integration(s) that have been installed.
  4. The user will be prompted to login to their Asana account.
  5. Once logged in, the modal will populate with the supported fields to send the email to Asana.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Stensul Asana integration, visit the support page or email their team at

This app integration is built by a third-party developer. Asana does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for this integration. Contact the app developer for details and support.

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