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InsightfulAsana Integration

Insightful + Asana

Leverage powerful time tracking to examine the efficiency of each project and then remove bottlenecks, optimize for productivity, and increase profitability.

What is Insightful?

Increase Visibility for your Projects: Tracking project time gives you full visibility into employee performance. By examining the efficiency of each project, you can remove bottlenecks, optimize for productivity, & ultimately increase profitability.

Monitor and Bill Time With Accuracy: Track billable hours regardless of employee location, so an hour worked is an hour paid. Measure time spent on various projects, and leverage the data you collect to optimize for productivity and maximize billable hours.

Maximize Your Workforce Efficiency: Determine the working patterns of your teams to work towards peak performance. Differentiate between productive and unproductive activities by monitoring app and website usage. Use reports for an overview of performance.

Insightful offers so much more than automatic time tracking & productivity monitoring for Asana. Granting users access to comprehensive workforce analytics, it delivers actionable insights that can help you improve processes

How to connect Insightful + Asana?

  1. Login to Admin account within Insightful
  2. Navigate to the Integrations Settings and click on the Project Management Tab
  3. Click on Configure Integration
  4. After clicking on Configure Integration, you will be prompted to authenticate yourself
  5. Choose which projects from Asana you want to sync with Insightful
  6. Review matched and unmatched users between Asana and Insightful
  7. Once all projects are imported, you will be able to immediately start tracking time on projects and tasks

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Insightful + Asana integration, visit

If you have questions, feedback, or need support, visit the Insightful Support page.

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