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Get instant visual dashboards and automated team status reports for Asana to spot bottlenecks in your workflow.

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What is Screenful?

Screenful is an all-in-one productivity analytics app for Asana featuring automatic tracking, visualization, and sharing your projects’ data. It’s an out-of-the-box solution with minimal setup needed from you.

See the current status of your Asana projects and portfolios as well as longer-term trends in a visual dashboard created from your Asana data. Track sprints and milestones, explore metrics and click through to see individual tasks behind the numbers.

Select charts and reports from time-tested templates or create your own custom setups — filter based on any property, track any custom fields, see correlations, and analyze trends.

Access Screenful with any of your devices or project dashboards on the office TV.

Why connect Screenful and Asana?

Screenful helps Asana users identify what kind of activities they are spending their time on, visualize progress on projects, measure their capacity, and make priorities visible.

Track your teams' velocity, task/issue lead & cycle times, current bottlenecks, and get a high-level view across all of their projects.

How to create Asana reports with Screenful

  1. Sign up for a Screenful account and an Asana account to get started.
  2. Follow our setup guide for further instructions.

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