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Integrate, synchronize, and migrate - tasks, issues, incidents, and work items. Connect Asana with Jira, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps,Zendesk, GitLab, GitHub, Wrike or… other Asana.

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About integrations for Asana integrations for Asana lets you connect, integrate and synchronize different tools used by different teams within your company and/or by your external Partners.

Basic setup takes just 3 minutes to start working.

With this app, you can:

  • automatically sync Asana tasks with issues, incidents, work items, and tasks of other tools
  • sync attachments, comments, custom fields
  • synchronize progress of work executed (statuses)
  • avoid data loss, don't waste precious time of your teams
  • sync whole projects or just single issues
  • synchronize changes made to the tasks
  • two-way or one-way integration


  • Great support (Premium SLA as an option)
  • Powerful reports and notifications
  • Set-up assistance + customization
  • On-premise or cloud deployment models
  • Great reviews

“Without doubt the best plugin I've used.

The setup was easy for me to do by myself with the help videos to explain a few bits. Creating a full sync between Jira and Asana with comments, attachments and having the ability to map every column and column value is outstanding.

Now we no longer need to manually copy ticket information from one system to another when we need to. There is also more complex setups and rules that can be added with queries and things to get even more out of it, that I'm sure we will use in future.

Support was excellent via chat also, so any issues or help you need is right there at your finger tips.

Excellent work on a totally integrated solution, well done developers!” Read more

Try for free syncs:

  • Title
  • Description
  • State/Status
  • Comments
  • Assignees
  • Tags
  • Due Date
  • Attachments
  • Custom Fields
  • Subtasks
  • Link to Task
  • Labels
  • +more (depending on a specific integration)

All that as two-way or one-way integration

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