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Zilla_zTestAsana Integration

Zilla_zTest + Asana

Integrate Zilla Security with Asana to retrieve lists of Asana users and their permissions, so you can review user access and meet audit and compliance requirements.

About this integration

This is an app integration between Zilla Security & Asana. Specifically, Zilla Security is retrieving the list of Asana Users & Permissions for the purpose of using this data for User Access Reviews in Zilla to meet auditing & compliance requirements.

How to user ZIlla_zTest + Asana?

App setup instructions:

  1. Login to Asana. Locate and click your profile photo from the top bar and select My Settings…
  2. Navigate to the Apps tab.
  3. Click Manage Developer Apps, then click + New app.
  4. Name your app connector then click Create app.
  5. Copy your Client ID and Client secret and save them for a later step, you will need these credentials to connect from Zilla. For Redirect URLs, copy and paste into the text box.

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