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What is Wufoo?

Wufoo helps you create online contact forms, surveys, information requests, and more.

With Wufoo you can:

  • Start creating forms quickly with 400+ customizable templates, or build your own form with a drag and drop interface
  • Use payment services such as PayPal to securely take online orders, accept donations, and more
  • Keep your data secure with 56-bit SSL encryption and smart CAPTCHA to deter form abuse

Why connect Asana and Wufoo

With the Wufoo and Asana integration, responses from your form will automatically become tasks in the Asana project you specify. Since responses are centralized, you’ll know right where to find the requests and information you need to action. Common use cases include:

  • Internal requests: Streamline the process for submitting work requests between teams. Use forms for creative, facilities, and IT requests. By creating mandatory form fields for the information you need to fulfill the request, you’ll eliminate tedious back and forth communication.

  • Applicant tracking: Ensure the information you gather from new applicants lives in the one place and is assigned to the correct person so they can review and follow up. Use fields to gather contact information, desired position, and their resume.

  • Bug tracking: While users are often eager to submit bugs, they might not know what information you need to investigate. Include mandatory fields for browser, operating system, version, screenshots, etc.

Get Wufoo + Asana

  1. Register for a free Wufoo account
  2. Or, if you already have a Wufoo account, you can start linking forms to Asana right away!

Learn More & Get Support

  • Where can I get support? This integration is supported by Asana, visit Asana Support.

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