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Hanzo + Asana

Defensibly capture, process, and present searchable data from Asana for litigation, investigations, and auditing.

Install Hanzo for Asana
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Install Hanzo for Asana

What is Hanzo?


Hanzo enables companies to discover the truth in what’s happening in their workplace. Our applications integrate with the next generation of data sources, such as Asana, allowing companies to understand and control their dynamic data and respond to incidents such as litigation, investigations, and audits effectively.

Why Hanzo + Asana?


Hanzo provides a secure and defensible method to collect Asana content for internal investigations and eDiscovery needs. Hanzo captures searches, timelines, tasks, overviews, lists, boards, dashboards, calendars, and messages making them searchable and viewable in a near-native viewer.

Reports and eDiscovery review-platform-ready exports of culled data can easily be created using Illuminate.

How to connect Hanzo + Asana


Here’s how to set up the integration:

  1. Login to Asana as an Super Admin
  2. Navigate to the Admin Console from upper right corner
  3. Create an Asana Service Account using Members on the left navigation pane.
  4. Select the Apps tab on left navigation pane
  5. Select Service Accounts
  6. Select the Add Service Account button applying a name and description
  7. Select Copy next to the token line
    • Optional: copy this to a notepad for temporary use
  8. Select Save changes
  9. Launch Hanzo Illuminate and navigate to Org Admin in upper right corner
  10. Select Capture Sources > Add New Source
  11. Select Organization and select Asana from Data Source Type
  12. Enter email/password and Service Account Token copied from Asana
  13. Select Data Source Name
  14. Select Save

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Hanzo + Asana integration, visit the

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