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Private NotesAsana Integration

Private Notes + Asana

Take private notes in each Asana task so you can track information that you don't want to share yet or otherwise want to keep visible only to you.

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Why Private Notes + Asana?

Private Notes by Project Procs provides an ability for users to track information as they are working through tasks. This could be notes that are still in progress but not yet ready to be shared with a larger team. It could also be notes that only apply to yourself and tracks your progress through the task as you get pulled into other tasks, and limits the amount of time spent context switching.

Each user has their own private notes that are only visible to themselves. The notes are specific to each task, and can be pulled up directly from the task in Asana.

How to connect Private Notes + Asana?

  1. Add the application to a project
  2. Click on the Private Notes field that is added to add notes to the task
  3. The notes are stored in our system and displayed each time the user clicks on the private note for a task
  4. The notes displayed back and unique to the user accessing them

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Private Notes + Asana integration, visit the Support page.

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