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Sentry + Asana

Create Asana tasks directly from Sentry issues.

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What is Sentry?

Sentry provides open-source error tracking that shows you every crash in your stack as it happens, with the details needed to prioritize, identify, reproduce, and fix each issue. It also gives your support team information they can use to reach out to and help those affected, as well as tools that let users send you feedback for peace of mind.

How to connect Sentry and Asana

To enable this integration, go to your project’s settings page and click on “All Integrations” in the navigation bar. Next, click on “Configure plugin” next to Asana. From there, you can link your Asana account and select an organization or workspace.

Once you’ve configured the integration, you can easily create Asana tasks from your Sentry issues.

Feedback & Support

If you have questions, feedback, or feature requests for the Asana integration, visit Sentry support.

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