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Hightouch + Asana

Hightouch is a reverse ETL tool that syncs data from your storage directly to Asana and all of your other tools, so you can power Asana with new data automatically.

Install Hightouch for Asana
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Install Hightouch for Asana

What is Hightouch?

Hightouch is a Reverse ETL tool that syncs data from your storage directly to Asana and all of your other tools. This allows you to power Asana with new data automatically, keeping it up-to-date and fully actionable.

How to connect Hightouch + Asana?

  1. Sign up for Hightouch for free at
  2. Connect Hightouch to your data source(s) that you'd like to sync data from
  3. Connect Hightouch to Asana via OAuth by granting permission to the Hightouch Asana Connect app
  4. Build a sync of data from your source to Asana.

Read more instructions at

Learn more and get support

To contact Hightouch's support + Asana integration, visit this site.

Then, select the "Get In Touch" option from the navigation toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen.

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