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Timely + Asana

Jotting down your time for all the projects you completed today is a breeze when you integrate Asana with Timely.

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Why connect Timely and Asana?

Eliminate manual work and automate time tracking of Asana tasks:

  • Quickly view tasks you complete for an Asana project with a timestamp
  • Tasks marked as complete will automatically show up in your Memory timeline within Timely
  • Mark several tasks as complete within 10 minutes, they will still be listed within the Asana memory

Connect Timely and Asana

  1. Log in or create a new Timely account.
  2. Connect Asana from the App page inside of Timely Settings.
  3. Click on the Asana application and "Connect new account to Timely."
  4. Grant Timely permission to access your Asana account by clicking "Allow."

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