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Whale + Asana

Centralize all your processes, standard operating procedures, playbooks, and more—so you can quickly onboard, train, and set your team up for success.

Install Whale for Asana
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Install Whale for Asana

What is Whale?

Centralize all your processes, SOPs, playbooks, and more — so you can quickly onboard, train, and set your team up for success.

Are you done? Off course not 😅 The work just started. Your team needs to apply these processes and instructions while using Asana.

Whale™ feeds your team with this knowledge in their moment of need: when setting up a new project, adding tasks, creating milestones, etc. Avoid conflicts and confusion by building a knowledgeable team.

How to connect Whale + Asana?

Download the Whale Extension that integrates with Asana here.

To be able to make full use of the extension, the user also needs to have an active Whale workspace, where the knowlegde is documented.

Learn more and get support

To learn more about using the Whale + Asana integration, visit Whale.

If you have questions, feedback, or need support, visit the Whale Support page.

Please find the privacy policy for Whale here.

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