Diversity and inclusion

As a company, we strive to be the change we want to see in the workplace. And the workplace we want to see in this world is radically inclusive.

Asana strives to create an empowering and welcoming workplace culture. A critical element of that is working constantly to create a more diverse and inclusive team in support of our mission to help humanity thrive by enabling all teams to work together effortlessly.

Building diverse teams and an inclusive product means creating a more inclusive environment for both our current and future employees, and we believe a diverse and inclusive company contributes to greater business success.

Asana’s D&I program works to create a culture of diversity and inclusion across three key areas: Thriving Now, Recruiting for the Future, Building on the Past.

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Thriving now

The ultimate goal of our work is to create a successful business with a thriving and inclusive culture where all Asanas can bring their full selves to the office. We want staff to feel engaged, happy, and healthy—and that they belong here.

Learning what matters to each other

To help ensure Asanas are aware of and support our mission, we provide D&I onboarding as well as regular company-wide learning sessions on a variety of topics, like allyship, race, religion, and unconscious bias.

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Creating a mindful environment

As part of our effort to create an environment that’s respectful of every Asana’s needs, we offer 16 weeks paid leave to all new parents, and we have gender neutral restrooms throughout our offices.

Celebrating and supporting our identities with employee resource groups

More than half of Asanas belong to one or more of the following resource groups, which focus on building a trusted, safe community, add value through volunteer work, and serve as a resource for professional development.

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Gradient cultivates community for people of color and allies at Asana through conversations, community engagement, and creating space for everyone’s experiences.

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AsanaWomen showcases the work and passions of women in the tech industry by providing a platform to celebrate their talents and spotlight role models.

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Team Rainbow provides a space for queer people and allies to support and learn from each other in a safe and loving environment.

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Ensuring an inclusive workplace for the long-term

Using a third party, we conduct an annual company-wide employee engagement survey to measure sentiment across key areas, including overall satisfaction, belonging, communication and decision making, growth and advancement, and fairness.

We give every Asana access to executive-level coaching and development including the 2-day Conscious Leadership Group workshop.

We’re committed to equal pay and have taken Glassdoor’s Equal Pay Pledge. We’ll also be expanding our audit and analysis to focus on various intersectionalities, including non-binary genders, race, and ethnicity.

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Recruiting for the Future

We endeavor to provide a hiring and working experience in which all people feel they are equally respected and valued, and we embrace every individual’s gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, citizenship, or any other aspect that makes them unique.

Partnering with pioneers

Asana’s partners are key to our long-term success in diversity & inclusion and provide a space for learning and innovation, as well as a critical lens through which to evaluate our own processes.

Kapor Capital

Asana made the Founders’ Commitment to Kapor Capital to establish D&I goals appropriate to our organization, invest in the resources to mitigate bias in our practices, organize opportunities for employees to engage with underrepresented communities, and participate in sessions to share our learnings with Kapor Capital.

Project Include

Asana is part of the first cohort of Project Include, a group founded by Ellen Pao, Freada Kapor, Tracy Chou and others, working to close the diversity gap through direct collaboration with startups and VCs around the world. We’re working on defining metrics and industry standards for companies committed to D&I.

Change Catalyst / Tech Inclusion

Asana supports and partners with Change Catalyst/Tech Inclusion through their conferences, career fairs, and workshops.


Asana is an active sponsor and collaborator with the exciting /dev/color community of black software engineers in the Bay Area and New York City.


For many years, Paradigm has provided us with guidance and trainings on unconscious bias, as well as general consultation on our growth and D&I efforts.

Developing fair hiring practices

Asana’s Rooney Rule

We aim to interview at least one candidate from an underrepresented group and one non-male candidate for every leadership role, and we share results internally.

University recruiting

We’ve expanded our efforts to specifically include sources with high representation of minorities and women, including HBCUs and Women’s colleges.

Recruiting tools

We invest in tools that increase our sourcing capabilities for underrepresented candidates.

Job descriptions

Asana revises job descriptions to be more inclusive and standardizes processes around gender-neutral pronouns.

Bias training

We conduct training for our recruiting team, hiring managers, and interviewers.


We conduct recruiting-specific training to develop our recruiters as partners and advocates for diversity and inclusion.

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Making decisions with data

We track diversity data at both a global and a U.S.-specific level. This allows us to understand where we are today and helps inform the goals we set for ourselves in the future. Here’s a snapshot of our representation data as of June 30, 2019. Data is rounded to the nearest percentage point.

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