Marker.ioAsana Integration + Asana

Capture, annotate, and report developer-friendly feedback in Asana as a new task.

What is makes it easy for non-technical team members and clients to report visual bugs that developers know how to reproduce and fix.

It’s the perfect tool to speed up your QA testing sessions and collect visual feedback from your colleagues and clients.

All new bug reports created via our screen capture extension automatically include metadata about the webpage, as well as information about the reporter’s technical environment (Browser, OS, screen size).

Why connect and Asana? lets you snap, annotate, and report bugs as a new task in your Asana projects, without leaving your website/web app.

Developers can set up bug report templates inside (eg: Steps to reproduce, expect and actual results) to encourage reporters to make their feedback actionable.

Finally, will automatically add technical metadata to new Asana tasks so developers never have to wonder again which browser or operating system a reporter used.

How to turn responses into Asana tasks

  1. Start a free trial at
  2. Connect your Asana account to your account.
  3. Capture and report visual feedback as a new Asana task.

Learn more and get support

For help, read the guide.

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