Jira CloudAsana Integration

Jira Cloud + Asana

Bring cross-functional teams together

Maximize visibility

Create interactive, connected workflows between technical and business teams to increase visibility into the product development process in real time—without leaving Asana.

Optimize team efficiency

Easily coordinate and track the progress of development work while reducing the time spent manually updating and double-checking project data across tools.

Streamline project collaboration and hand offs

Quickly create Jira issues from within Asana so that work passes seamlessly between business and technical teams at the right time.

Automate your processes by combining Rules and Jira Cloud

Increase operational agility and efficiency while reducing manual work. With Rules and Jira Cloud, you can automatically create a new issue in Jira Cloud based on actions that happen in Asana. Learn more about Rules in Asana.

Connect Jira Cloud to Asana

This integration is available to all paid Asana customers who also have a Jira Cloud account.

Here’s how to set up the integration

  1. Sign in to your Asana account
  2. Use this installation link to install Jira Cloud for Asana

For further instructions and set up support for the Jira Cloud integration, visit the Asana Guide

Collaborate effortlessly with Asana

Asana empowers teams to plan, organize, and execute all of their work—from daily tasks to strategic initiatives—all in one place. It’s free to get started, simple to use, and powerful enough to run your entire business. Learn more about Asana Premium today.

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