Asana Premium

To get more features and collaborate with more teammates, upgrade to Asana Premium. Upgrading is simple, self-serve, and only takes a few minutes.

New for Premium:
Custom fields

Custom fields are the newest way to track work in Asana. Expand how you use tasks and projects, with fields that are quick to add and specific to your organization.

Custom fields — for Asana Premium Customers

Complete your collaboration toolset

Asana gives you something that other collaboration tools don't—total clarity and accountability across your company. And Asana integrates with your files and messaging apps for seamless collaboration.

File creation & sharing tool

For creating, storing, and sharing files and documents with your team. Examples: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Microsoft Office, Google Docs


For tracking all your team’s work—including who’s responsible for what, by when.

Messaging & communication tool

For connecting and communicating across teams. Examples: Gmail, Slack, HipChat, Microsoft Teams, Skype

  • Ecommerce

    “Enterprise-wide adoption of Asana has directly contributed to our business success.”

    — Kevin Mager, Operation Analyst at Ecommerce

  • Flatbook

    “We’re deeply integrated in Asana and are totally committed to the tool, across the entire company.”

    — Isaac Souweine, VP Product Management at Flatbook

  • Patreon

    “Every team at Patreon uses Asana to keep track of goals, expectations, and projects.”

    — Tyler Palmer, Head of Ops at Patreon

What you can do with Asana Premium

Add more team members

Asana is more valuable when your whole team is using it. Add more than 15 members to each team and invite unlimited guests.

Find the info you need

Customize your search with additional fields using Advanced Search. Plus, create and save custom views across projects, assignees, due dates and more.

See progress across projects

Get a high-level view of work happening across your team. Add unlimited projects to your dashboard and create dashboard reports in Google Sheets.

Control what you share

Make sure the right people see the right info. Limit access to any project, create hidden teams for sensitive work, or make teams public.

Track anything

Track your work, your way with custom fields. Add fields to any project, so you can track exactly what matters most to your organization.

Manage complex workflows

Keep your teammates in the loop. Mark a task as waiting on another to automatically know when work is ready to begin.

Easily add new projects

Premium templates let you quickly add new projects to Asana, complete with curated custom fields to help you track more information.

Secure your data

Get access to admin features for better control over your company’s Asana usage with features like Google SSO and member removal. Organization upgrades only

Get set up for success

Get onboarding resources and webinars from our Customer Success Managers. Plus, get priority support for any questions. Organization upgrades only

Asana Premium costs $9.99 per member per month

Have a large team? Learn about Enterprise

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