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Vox Media accelerates creative campaigns with Asana

Vox Media’s branded content studio, Vox Creative, partners with advertisers to tell their powerful stories. They needed a flexible tool to handle their entire workflow, from RFPs to distribution and reporting. The team brought their creative development workflows into Asana and can now produce client campaigns faster.

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Millions of people tune into Vox Media’s content across streaming platforms, podcasts, websites, and social platforms. With popular editorial brands like New York Magazine and The Verge, Vox Media truly is an industry leader.

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  • Before Vox Creative began using Asana, the team had scattered communication, with key RFP details and deadlines lost in email and Slack.

  • As the team grew, it became more difficult to manage multiple work channels.

  • Without a central place to collaborate, there was a big disconnect between the creative and sales teams.


  • Vox Creative slowly rolled out Asana to the entire studio, using integrations so teams could continue using their native tools like Salesforce and Slack.

  • The team developed frictionless workflows to improve handoffs between the sales and creative teams. 

  • Tracking everything in Asana ensures all teams work from the same information. Critical project details are clear upfront, and sales and production cycles are more efficient.


  • Accelerated RFP and campaign production processes.

  • Increased capacity as the team scaled.

  • Enabled frictionless communication between sales and creative teams.

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Asana made a major impact on Vox Creative. I don't know how we would do it if it weren't all in a centralized place. We wouldn't have gotten to this place in our business without it, quite honestly.”
Corri Skinner, Executive Director, Client Success, Vox Media

Moving faster with clear workflows

Corri Skinner, Executive Director for Client Success, runs the studio’s creative operations team as they manage projects end to end, from strategy to production to distribution. She’s responsible for client experience, ensuring high levels of trust and quality, while keeping everything running on time. There can be up to 70 campaigns and 100+ content pieces in flight simultaneously, so Corri’s team manages the flow of information and processes, helping the studio’s 70 teammates do what they do best: creative work.

Corri’s team needed a work management platform that could help them manage RFPs and execute seamlessly on campaigns.

Automations streamline handoffs between sales and creative

  • When sales creates an Opportunity in Salesforce, a new project automatically kicks off in Asana where teams manage the creative strategy, media plan, pitch deck, and research. 

  • Once Sales wins the deal, a new set of tasks automatically populate the Asana project and the Vox Creative team can hit the ground running with all of the background information from the RFP right in Asana.

Centralized work management helps teams move faster

  • With all information in Asana, it’s easy for Vox Creative to reference pitches for partnerships that didn’t work out and update them for a new client. Or, they can expand on past successful projects. 

  • The team uses templates to kick off every new campaign, making it faster to get started. They’ve iterated on their workflows over the years and constantly improve their templates to match.

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I can just go in and edit a template in five seconds, and it easily carries over to every project that’s cloned moving forward.”

Creating content for a better future

Looking forward, the team is eager to tackle projects around Vox’s flourishing podcast business. They’ve recently created their first branded podcast with Ben & Jerry's, which unpacks the history of systemic racism in America. Projects like these blend passion with important work, and Asana helps keep them moving forward. Now that’s something worth talking about.

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