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With, you can automate, analyze, and manage your company in one centralized database and get a comprehensive view of your business.

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What is is a central cloud platform that offers SMBs 25 modules for project management, know-how sharing, sales, and analytics. Companies can freely combine these modules as a kit and build a tailor-made solution around their needs. can also integrate and link third-party cloud tools. In fact, it works similarly to operating systems but in a cloud.

Why + Asana?

Thanks to, employees can use a central platform, saving time and trouble of using many unconnected tools. Thanks to the perfect interconnection of the individual modules, can save time and offer a comprehensive view of the business, which individual applications cannot. We currently have over 20 different modules that can be combined and tailored to each other, just like a kit.

How to connect + Asana?

  1. Log into your system
  2. Click on Integrator on the top right
  3. In Integrator, our system for creating integrations, click on "create a new scenario"
  4. Then select the Asana app via the + button
  5. Choose which scenario the user wants to use
  6. Click on Add connection and log in with your Asana account
  7. Map and create your integration 

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