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airfocus + Asana

The first modular product management platform for teams using Asana: Discover, learn, plan and deliver - your way

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About airfocus

How do you confidently plan which problems to solve and initiatives to pursue? It can be overwhelming with endless to-dos and cards on Asana.

The Asana airfocus integration enables you to keep product strategy in sync with day-to-day tasks.

A home for products and the people who build them

Airfocus overview

airfocus provides a complete solution for teams to manage and communicate their product strategyprioritize their work, build roadmaps, and connect feedback to solve the right problems.

Designed with flexibility in mind, airfocus allows you to quickly customize the platform to fit your needs without disrupting the way your team works.

Thousands of companies worldwide, including Shopify, IBM, The Washington Post, and more, now use airfocus to make more informed product decisions.

Learn more at and start your 14-day trial now.


Airfocus overview


Airfocus overview

Release management

Airfocus overview


Airfocus overview

Two-way Asana integration

  • Import Asana tasks (as items) into airfocus.
  • Push airfocus items into Asana (as tasks).
  • Configure multiple Asana integrations to push different items to different Asana workspaces or projects.

How to set up the Asana for airfocus integration

  1. Sign up for an airfocus account and an Asana account to get started.
  2. Create a new workspace in airfocus or select an existing one.
  3. Integrate the workspace with your Asana workspace(s) to set up two-way sync. To do that, simply click on the "Apps" icon and connect with Asana. Next, authorize Asana and follow the directions on screen to finalize the integration. You can also define which Asana projects and tags to sync.

Learn more and get support

Learn more about the Asana airfocus integration in our help center or use the chat function on our website or to talk to our experts. We love to help.

This app integration is built by a third-party developer. Asana does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for this integration. Contact the app developer for details and support.

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